Experiences in travelling with an iSUP

Like many people out there I try and take regular holidays, often abroad and, not unsurprisingly for a Paddleboarder, these are by the sea. Being based on the UK and loving international travel, the option of taking my 10’2 NSP solid board poses somewhat of a challenge, not only due to excess baggage charges and size limits on airplanes but also in terms of car rental when I arrive. Then we have the problem that not all the family like to paddle board, my youngest daughter for example likes kayaking. So last year I decided it was time to put a stop to renting the battered boards I ended up renting whilst I was away and see if I could come up with an alternative.

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Some issues with IOS 8.3

Some of our users have identified a couple of issues with IOS8.3 specifically when coming out of background mode when using bluetooth speakers.

We are investigating this issue at the moment, IOS8.3 is a major technical upgrade for us and we are working through it, but if you do see any issues please do let us know so we can try and solve them!

Version 1.2 Submitted

Version 1.2 of the app has been submitted for review, it contains a number of bug fixes and the ability opt for audio feedback of button presses, we find this really helps when you are out in the sun!

We re-submitted this with a change to the Facebook post feature that was requested by them and hopefully this will solve the problem!


Failing to post to facebook – Fixed

We are aware that there is a problem posting to your Facebook timeline for the app. We have raised this issue with Facebook and we are currently awaiting resolution from them,

We are hoping this will be resolved in the next few days without the need to release a new version of the app.

Just an update on this, Facebook guidelines have changed so we have been forced to change the software for this feature.

With a bit of luck and a following wind SUPTrails 1.2 Build 2 will get approved by Apple in the next week or so, and the method we have chosen will be approved shortly after!

– Released and fixed , please let us know if you have any more problems with this

No Data To Save!

We have had some reports of the app not having data to save.

This is usually caused by the app not having access to your device’s location data.

To fix this issue go into your phone’s settings and ensure location services are on, and that location services are set to ‘Always’ for the SUPTrails App.

We need this to be set so that we can track your location and progress!

An additional check and reminder to turn this on  is in release 1.2 which is due mid February!