Whether you are a Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP) novice or seasoned professional, SUP Trails has something for everyone, from getting you started with the basics to showing you how many waves you caught.

SUP Trails tracks your SUP activity showing how you improve over time and helping you reach your goals whatever your SUP preference: flat-water; surf; whitewater; or racing.

SUP Trails helps by giving you the measurements and motivation you need to achieve the level of performance you always wanted.

Each trail is recorded in detail giving you an interactive map of your route with key statistics such as total distance, average speed, and duration giving you a unique history of your achievements.

SUP Trails allows you to share your progress not only on Facebook and Twitter, but also to the ‘SUP Trails cloud’ – a cloud sourced database containing SUP Trails from around the world. Giving you instant access to SUP hotspots and routes, along with instant surf conditions (Weather, Wind and Waves) as they are posted by fellow paddlers!

* SUP Trail tracking : Interactive map and key statistics recording
* Personal SUP Trail history
* SUP Trail cloud database : shared routes (including routes round here), shared environment conditions wind, waves and weather
* Information resource : Intro to SUP, Boards, Fins, Terminology, Technique Tips, Surfing Rules
* Measure in Kilometres, Miles, Nautical Miles
* Audio in flight feedback (works with music playback if required)
* Share routes to Facebook and/or Twitter
* Integrated with HealthKit, we use your latest body weight values combined with your route details to post estimated calorie usage per trail

This application is designed to be used with a waterproof case, never take to the water with an un-protected iPhone!
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
This app does not store or publish health kit derived data to any external store including any cloud storage.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Greetings:
    I purchased SUP Trails a few days ago and I LOVE IT. I’m an avid SUP paddler in Florida and I’ve wanted an app like this for a long time, it works great.
    I use Apple’s Health app and MyFitnessPal as well as a handful of other apps to track my activities and it’s awesome to be able to include my paddling adventures!
    Feedback/Feature Request:
    I’m a “leisurely” paddler; I paddle around the back waters and mangroves of Florida. Mostly calm, flat water. The app seems to be geared toward more aggressive paddling. The calorie burn estimate seems way high for the type of paddling that I do. I wondered if you could include a setting to specify the intensity of the paddle session and adjust the calorie burn accordingly?
    Thanks for the app!
    William Gibson

    1. Hi Tim:
      Thanks for the response!
      I know there are lots of variables here (tide, wind, etc.) so, yes, I think a setting that allowed a user to specify a general “intensity” of paddling would be great:
      • Intense (surfing, racing, harsh conditions)
      • Leisurely (calm, flat water)

      Florida IS great, especially for paddle boarding!

      Thanks again for listening.


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